2nd day balloting abroad: 90,000 Egyptians voted so far
Egyptian living in Jordan cast their ballot in the early voting for the presidential elections - AFP/Khalil Mazraawi

CAIRO: During the second day of balloting abroad for Egypt’s presidential elections, the preliminary number of voters who participated since Thursday reached about 90,000 so far, the Egyptian Foreign Ministry announced in a Friday statement.

The balloting abroad for Egypt’s presidential elections started at all sub-polling stations in different countries Thursday.

Foreign Minister spokesperson Ambassador Badr Abdel Aty said in the statement that there was a large turnout in Gulf countries, especially Saudi Arabi (23,000 voters participated,) Kuwait (18, 000 voters,) and the United Arab Emirates (14, 000.)

According to Youm7, Abdel Aty said the ministry operation rooms are receiving reports and preliminary indications from 141 sub-polling stations in 124 countries.

The High Presidential Elections Commission (HPEC) is also following the balloting process on the second day, Secretary General of HPEC Abdel Aziz Salman said in a press statement Friday.

Salman, who is also the head of the General Committee supervising the elections abroad, noted that HPEC did receive any complaints considering the organizational level or the elections’ process so far, Youm7 reported.

Former army chief Abdel Fatah al-Sisi and Nasserist activist Hamdeen Sabbahi are the only two candidates who are formally running for president. Sisi is expected by the public to win by a landslide. Television interviews last week allowed the two presidential candidates to discuss their electoral platforms.

The presidential elections in Egypt are scheduled for May 26 and 27.

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