EU to hold hearing over MB activities next month: Popular Front
Building of the International Criminal Court (ICC) - AFP

CAIRO: The anti-Muslim Brotherhood Egyptian Popular Front says it has scheduled a hearing with the European Union to denounce the imposition of the MB system on Egypt in the first week of June, according to the Front’s official Facebook page.

The Front said it will present a documented report of all MB crimes and terror acts in Egypt, with the goal of making the EU list the MB as a terrorist group.

The date of the session was set following high-level diplomatic talks, Front legal advisor Tariq Mahmoud told London-based Al-Arab newspaper Friday. He did not give further details about the nature and dates of the talks.

He added that the Front will also submit a complaint to the International Criminal Court against the MB’s Egyptian and international leadership.

The Front held a press conference Wednesday to announce it had delivered a report concerning the terror acts of the MB to the Egyptian government on May 5. The Front said the report included details of MB actions since the Ithadeya presidential palace incident, and the actions of MB members during the dispersal of the Rabaa al-Adaweya and Nahda Square sit-ins.

“We have obtained clear evidence confirming that there was a close link between the meetings of Brotherhood leaders and the violence that occurred in Egypt during the previous period,” Mahmoud said. He also said that some of the group’s leaders changed their place of residence in London after the report was sent, and relocated to Vienna, the Austrian capitol.

He also said British Prime Minister David Cameron has commissioned an internal government delegation to investigate the MB’s activities amid reports claiming that the group is using London as a base to launch militant activities in Egypt.

Mahmoud added that the investigation includes strong evidence against some of the group’s leaders who are living now in London, such as Gomaa Amin, Ibrahim Mounier and 17 others.

Wahid Abdel Meguid, an expert at Al-Ahram Center for Political and Strategic Studies told Youm 7 Friday that it is unlikely the U.K.’s investigations will result in any measures taken against the MB’s existence there.

The Egyptian state-run MENA news organization meanwhile reported that two MB rallies planned for Friday were cancelled due to low interest according to Egyptian Ambassador to the U.K. Ashraf el-Khouly. Khouly was quoted by MENA as saying the MB was attempting to interfere with overseas presidential election voting, but failed to do so.

Prime Minister Ibrahim Mahlab issued a decree April 8 enforcing a Dec. 25, 2013 ruling which designated the MB a terrorist group, and applied legal penalties to anyone who joins or continues to be a member of the group after the issuance of the decision.

Additionally, Saudi Arabia formally designated the MB a terrorist organization on March 7.

Several bombings have hit military and police targets in Egypt since the dispersal of the Rabaa al-Adaweya and Nahda Square sit-ins in August, killing dozens of police, military and civilians. The bombings have generally been blamed on the MB by several politicians and political parties.

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