Salafi leader: Different parties should confront extremist thought
Zein al-Abdeen Kamel, leading member of the Salafi Call - YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO: “Different parties should cooperate during the coming period to put an end to the terrorism witnessed in the country and confront the extremist thought promoted by takfiri groups,” Zein al-Abdeen Kamel, a leading member of the Salafi Call, said in a statement to Youm7 Saturday.

Kamel praised Ibrahim Negm, the adviser of the Grand Mufti, for his proposal to adopt a national project to improve the image of Islam. He described it as the right step to confront those people who work to smear Islamic teachings.

Negm had said Friday that Al-Azhar’s scholars were preparing a national project to improve the image of Islam. He blamed fatwas (religious opinions) allowing the shedding of blood, issued by extremists,  for the smearing of Islam’s image in the West.

“We failed to properly refute such fatwas in Western media,” Negm said in a phone call to Mehwar TV channel Friday, adding that a national project was needed since the fatwas threaten the religion as a whole.

The Free Egyptians Party welcomed the idea, saying that a national project to correct the image of the Islam in the West was needed.

Ibrahim Naguib, deputy chairperson of the Free Egyptians Party, said in a press statement, “Al-Azhar is the only moderate institution that can improve the image of Islam and the Egyptian community as a whole.”

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