National Conscience Front to launch reconciliation initiative
Ambassador Ibrahim Youssri, chairperson of the front - YOUM7/Sami Waheeb

CAIRO: The Islamist dominated National Conscience Front (NCF) made contact with a number of independent public figures to launch a reconciliation initiative after presidential elections, Youm7 reported Ambassador Ibrahim Youssri, chairperson of the front, as saying Saturday. 

The initiative calls for reconciliation between the Egyptian people and the Muslim Brotherhood, “to pave the path for the achievement of transitional justice.” It mentions the need to activate the necessary measures to achieve justice and allow women and youths to perform leading roles in their communities.

According to Youm7, the former diplomat ruled out that the initiative, outlined in a “Ten principles document,” would be released before the coming presidential elections scheduled for May 26 and 27.

The NCF had been established as a reaction to the creation of the National Salvation Front, which had opposed the regime led by Islamist President Mohamed Morsi.

The proposed initiative is not the first of its kind. A number of politicians and experts had presented proposals for reconciliation that were at times rejected by June 30 supporters, and other times by the Muslim Brotherhood, which refuses to recognize June 30 as a popular revolution and instead sees it as a coup.

Nabil Naeem, founder of Jihad Organization, said the initiative is “being sponsored by the U.S. so it can re-install the terrorist group to power,” adding that Egyptians would not accept reconciliation with the “criminals and murderers.”

He added in a statement to Al-Bawaba news website that the initiative is similar to other proposals “that aim to deceive the Egyptian people to restore the popularity of the formerly ruling group.”

In the same context, the chairperson of the Gomhouria Center for Strategic Studies described the initiative as an unachievable political maneuver, saying that it represents an “attempt to deceive the Egyptian people.”

“The Egyptian people are aware of their [Brotherhood’s] plans and intentions,” he added in a phone call to Mehwar TV channel

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