Mass MB trials held throughout Egyptian governments
Muslim Brotherhood during the trial - YOUM7/Ahmed Maarouf

CAIRO: A number of mass trials were held on Sunday in several courts including Kafr al-Sheikh and Giza Criminal Court and Sidi Gaber Appeal Court where a large number of defendants affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood group are being tried on charges of inciting chaos.

Kafr al-Sheikh Court sentenced 126 Brotherhood defendants up to 10 years in prison and fined them 1,000 EGP each. Six others are sentenced up to one year of suspended sentence, Al-Ahram newspaper reported.

Shubra al-Kheima Criminal Court adjourned the trial of former Muslim Brotherhood supreme Guide Mohamed Badie along with 47 Brotherhood members in the case known as the Qalyub Highway case to June 7 to issue the final verdict, according to Al-Masry Al-Youm.

The defendants are accused of inciting murder and violence, obstructing roads, threatening public order, and resisting authorities in Qalyub where at least two people were killed.

Giza Criminal Court decided to postpone Badie‘s trial, along with 11 other Muslim Brotherhood members, for the violent incidents at Istiqama Mosque to July 4 to continue listening to the defendants’ appeal.

Shubra al- Kheima sentenced 38 Brotherhood supporters to 15 years in prison with labor, fining them 20,000 EGP and putting them under observation for five years over accusations of attempting to bomb the metro of Faculty of Agriculture during the commemoration of the October War anniversary in 2013.

Sidi Gaber Appeal Court issued its final verdict Sunday regarding the 134 defendants of the Brotherhood members who were sentenced to three years. They were charged of inciting violence and possessing weapons on Aug. 30, 2013.The new sentence includes cancelling the previous verdict and imprisoning five Brotherhood leaders to three years, five were sentenced to prison for one year, 56 defendants were sentenced for two years, and were to pay the outlay for the court.

Over the past few months, several events sparked ongoing protests after former President Mohamed Morsi was ousted July 3, 2013, especially after the decision of designating the Brotherhood as a terrorist group on Dec. 25.

Last March, Minya Criminal Court Judge Saeed Youssef sentenced 529 Brotherhood members to death and acquitted 17 others on Monday on charges of attacking a police station and killing its deputy head.

Sohag criminal Court adjourned the trial of 119 Brotherhood defendants to May 19 over accusations of burning Mary Girguis Church, attempted murder, possessing weapon in Aug. 2013, and killing 15.

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