Pro-MB students promise retribution on university presidents
Students Against the Coup movement Members - Photo courtesy of Students Against the Coup Official Facebook page

CAIRO: The Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated Students Against the Coup movement issued a Sunday statement on its official Facebook page warning university presidents of retribution, and accusing them of killing and arresting students.     

Movement spokesperson Ahmed Ghoneim said the group “will seek retribution against the presidents of all universities for their involvement in the killing of students.”

“We are fully aware of their attempts to force the students to adopt violence. We will not be dragged into violence and we will not abandon our universities’ independence,” Ghoneim said.

“Our message is to the presidents of the universities, who became nothing but tools in the Egyptian army’s hands and participated in killing and repressing students rather than protecting them and defending their usurped rights,” Ghoneim said. He also asserted that the retribution will not exclude anyone who participated in crimes committed against students.

In a Saturday statement, the Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI) denounced “the excessive use of force by Egyptian security forces that witnessed scores of student protesters beaten and detained.”

Ghoneim also accused the security forces of forming student militias under the supervision of the university administrations, with the intent of turning Egypt’s universities into battlefields between students to halt the pro-MB demonstrations.

Since the beginning of the academic year, university campuses have been the site of intense clashes between security forces and students protesting the removal of former President Mohamed Morsi. In a number of instances, the protests have become violent and resulted in casualties. 

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