Zeinab Ramadan forced to take pregnancy test
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CAIRO: Social activist and member of Beladi Foundation for street children Zeinab Ramadan was forced to take a pregnancy test at a governmental hospital, according to I Saw Harassment initiative member Fathi Farid on their Facebook page.

Downtown Cairo Prosecution decided to imprison Zeinab Ramadan for four days pending investigations on Friday over accusations of using street children in protests against policemen in exchange of money. She is also accused of forcing children to participate in pornographic films, Youm7 reported.

Activist Bassam al-Janoubie said on his Facebook page that he knew Ramadan from two initiatives she volunteered in and that Ramadan volunteers in anything that involves supporting women or children and does not receive any money and even sometimes pays from her own savings.

“It hurts us so much to see Egyptian girls forced to take pregnancy tests. They [Ministry of Interior] are treating us [activists] like prostitutes. Enough of these disgusting practices,” activist Samira Ibrahim, who was forced to take a virginity test by the Armed Forces in March 2011, told The Cairo Post.

El-Nadeem Centre for psychological rehabilitation of victims of violence published a press release signed by several human rights organizations on its facebook page on Tuesday.

The press release said that although there is no evidence for the charges against Zeinab Ramadan, the prosecution decided to imprison her for four days pending investigations.

She was detained in Al-Darb Al-Ahmar police station, which lacks the simplest human conditions. The detention cells lack ventilation and unhygienic. The prosecution decided to add 15 more days of imprisonment pending investigation to the original four days.

El-Nadeem press release added that Ramadan was forced to take a pregnancy test in Ahmed Maher Hospital and that forcing her go with police forces to the hospital for a pregnancy test is humiliating that represents psychological violence and maltreatment by authorities.

El-Nadeem Centre and the other organizations that signed the press release urged the National Council for Human Rights (NCHR) and National Council for Women (NCW) to interfere and stop violations against activists and detainees, demanding to release Zeinab Ramadan quickly.

Additional reporting by Ahmed Ismail.

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