Doctors syndicate calls on candidates to improve health care sector
Egypt's doctors’ syndicate - YOUM7(Archive)

CAIRO: Egypt’s doctors’ syndicate organized a Tuesday conference titled “What Do We Want From the Next President?” where it called on presidential candidates Abdel Fatah al-Sisi and Hamdeen Sabbahi to adopt measures for improving the conditions of the health sector and doctors.

A representative of the Sabbahi campaign attended after being invited to the event, but a Sisi representative who was invited was absent.

There are a range of challenges facing the health sector in Egypt, and these include difficulties accessing medical services and the large-scale spread of infectious diseases said Alaa Ghannam, the director of the health program at the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights, at the conference.

“There must be a real solution to these problems within the next two years,” Ghannam continued, pointing to a number of proposed solutions needed to meet the challenges of the health sector, including political will.

Ghannam also called on the next president to prioritize the health sector and improve medical care services. He said the health system could not be reformed unless it was restructured.

Khairy Abdel Dayem, the chairman of the doctors syndicate said during the conference that the doctors’ problems will vanish if the next president responds to the constitutional article requiring the health budget be raised.

“Developing the education and health sectors are the main factors that lead to the progress of countries,” Dayem added. He also called for comprehensive health insurance and for the government to observe patients’ and doctors’ rights.

‏Mona Mina, the doctors syndicate secretary general, said the syndicate is not biased towards a particular candidate, but aims at reforming the entire health system and that reform needs unbiased policy.

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