Government launches initiatives to solve energy crisis
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CAIRO: Ministry of Electricity and Energy Spokesperson Mohammed El-Yamani said this week that the government will begin using solar power in 1,000 government buildings, and soon all government buildings will be powered with solar energy. 

His remarks to Al Hayah Al Youm followed comments by Petroleum Minister Sherif Ismail to Masrawy that the government is rationing energy by obligating all ministries and governmental facilities to swap their lighting systems with energy friendly methods, to cut their current consumption by at least 20 percent.

The minister added that authorities will begin a project to establish solar energy on the rooftops of government buildings. Egypt faces an energy shortage that causes frequent power outages, mostly to homes even though the industrial sector uses a majority of Egypt’s electricity.

Head of the Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency, Amr al-Samak, said in press statements Wednesday that the industrial sector consumes 43 percent of energy in Egypt and 33 percent of electricity specifically, Youm7 reported. Samak said improving energy consumption in the industrial sector will contribute to confronting energy challenges, and ease the crisis of power outages.

The Ministry of Environment had announced Tuesday that it will organize, along with the United Nations Industrial Development Organization, a series of training courses for managing energy for representatives from industrial bodies, aiming to raise awareness about the best methods to efficiently use energy.

Al-Hayah Economist reported Tuesday that the first initiative to save energy in factories was launched when Schneider Electric met with representatives from 70 factories about products and solutions to minimize energy consumption. The campaign targets all industrial regions in the country, it reported.

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