Egypt Press Review: May 22



The leaders of the armed forces finalized a plan to secure the presidential elections to be held from May 26-27 across Egypt. More than 160,000 officers and soldiers will participate in securing the process, as they have been trained to deal with emergency situations.


el ahram


Presidential candidate Hamdeen Sabbahi said in an interview with Al-Ahram that he has a big chance to win the elections and if he loses, he will join the opposition side to monitor the ruler, either to support him if the people’s demands are achieved, or oppose him if not.

Furthermore, Sabbahi added that he will not assume any political post, such as deputy president, but would accept the position of prime minister if the majority of the parliament voted for him.

Akhbar press


In press statements, Egyptian stock market head Mohamed Omran announced that work flow will not be suspended during elections. Omran noted that the employees in the Egyptian stock market will be able to cast their votes in the election.

Al-Shorouq press


Minister of Agriculture Ayman Fareed said that farmers’ debts will not be dropped because the money is in depositors’ funds. Fareed said bank debt exceeded 4 billion EGP ($561.4 million), and that the Agricultural Credit Bank is deeply in debt.

Al-Masry Al-Youm press

Al-Masry Al-Youm

The committee tasked with amending the laws of exercising political rights and the parliamentary elections, announced Wednesday the final amendments of the second law of the parliamentary elections. They said the number of seats will increase to 630, including 600 elected seats (480 for individuals, 120 for lists) and 30 appointed seats.

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