ECESR stormed by security forces after protest to free Masry
The Egyptian Center for Economic and Social Rights (ECESR) - YOUM7/Amr Moustafa

CAIRO: Egyptian Center for Economic and Social Rights (ECESR) held a conference Thursday called Down with the Protest Law in solidarity with Alexandrian lawyer and political activist Mahinour el-Masry.

Participants held a protest outside the ECESR after the conference. Security forces dispersed the protest and arrested some of the participants, including ECESR members Taher Mokhtar and Mostafa Eissa, according to Freedom for the Brave official Facebook page.

ECESR lawyer Mohamed Awad, El-Bedaya journalist Isis Khalil, and lawyers Mohamed Ramadan and Mohamed Hafez were arrested, according to Freedom for the Brave official twitter account.

Three armored army vehicles and two police vehicles moved belongings from inside the ECESR in Alexandria early Thursday. Hafez and Ramadan were released after security forces took away the files that contained documents for Maheinour’s defense for the lawsuit against her, lawyer ECESR Suzan Nada said.

Masry’s appeal trial will is scheduled for June 28, according to Facebook page.

The Alexandria Appeals Court upheld Masry;s sentence for two years in custody with a 50,000 EGP ($7,000) fine for breaking the protest law and participating in a protest outside Alexandria Criminal Court during the trial of the people accused for killing Khaled Said.

In a Tuesday statement to The Cairo Post, Freedom for the Brave member Samia Jaheen denounced the court’s ruling. “The current regime commits massacres against the youth who demonstrated against Egypt’s protest law and demanded its abolishment… I was disappointed but not surprised by the ruling,” she said.

Under Egypt’s new protest law, many were arrested for staging unapproved protests demanding to abolish it. Egypt’s government repeatedly defended the protest law, emphasizing that it is essential to restore stability to the country.

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