Armed Forces launch plans to secure presidential elections
Egyptian armed forces preparing for securing presidential elections - YOUM7(Archive)

CAIRO: The Armed Forces began on Thursday to enact plans for distributing personnel and vehicles that will participate in securing the presidential elections May 26 and 27, Youm7 reported.

A military source told Youm7 the Armed Forces are planning to send female officers from the military police to participate in securing polling stations, and to search and organize women participating in the elections.

A total of 181,121 officers and soldiers from the Armed Forces will assist the Ministry of Interior in securing 25,343 polling stations, in coordination with the High Presidential Election Committee (HPEC) and all the state’s concerned bodies, MENA reported.

According the official Facebook page of the military spokesperson, Armed Forces leaders have ensured that all officers securing the elections are aware of the potential threats they may face, and are trained and experienced in dealing with emergencies.

Defense Minister Colonel General Sedki Sobhi said the Armed Forces will treat citizens well and help senior citizens and people with special needs. He also stressed in a statement the necessity to facilitate the roles of the media and NGO representatives.

Additional reporting by Ahmed Mohamed Tantawi.

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