Pro- vs. anti-presidential elections marches start after Friday prayers
clashes between dozens of protesters and secuirty forces in haram - YOUM7/Hazem Abd Elsamad

CAIRO: A number of marches started Friday by supporters of Muslim Brotherhood and Field Marshal Abdel Fatah al-Sisi, each expressing their stances respectively of the upcoming presidential elections on May 26 and 27.

Friday protests are in the framework of the week protests organized by the Muslim Brotherhood supporters following Friday prayers.

The National Alliance to Support Legitimacy (NASL) announced a week of escalated protests to reject the presidential elections, they posted on the their official Facebook page Thursday.

In Giza, clashes erupted between a number of protesters and the residents of Thalateeny St. in Omraneya district, where they threw stones and empty bottles at each other.

In Haram, dozens of protesters started a march from El-Rahma Mosque following the Friday prayers, where they blocked the main Haram Street holding up Rabaa signs. The protesters repeated chants against the army, the Ministry of Interior and, the presidential elections.

A number of protesters burnt some car tires in Haram while security forces responded by firing tear gas bombs to disperse them. The protesters ran into side streets to escape the teargas.

Another march started from Istiqamah Mosque in Giza in objection to the preacher of the Friday prayer who called the worshippers to participate in the presidential elections. The protesters repeated chants during the march, describing the elections as “fake.”

Security forces managed to arrest three pro-Brotherhood protesters in Haram St. after dispersing their march.

In Nasr City, a primitive explosive bomb exploded at El-Salam Mosque and another one was dismantled. No injuries were reported from the first explosion.

Sisi supporters gathered in front of Nasr Road podium in Nasr City amid excessive security presence. The supporters repeated pro-Sisi chants and carried his posters.

Additional erporting by Reham el-Masry, Reham Abdullah, Alaa Essam, Hany Mohamed, Mohamed el-Asy, Wael Rabeiy, Mohamed el-Deeb, Mohamed Magdi el-Sisi, Sara Salah, and Mohamed Abdel Mageed.

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