EU concerns over ECESR raid and Masry’s imprisonment
Mahinour Al-Masry - YOUM7(Archive)

CAIRO:  The E.U. expressed its concern Friday over the raid on the Egyptian Center for Economic and Social Rights (ECESR) in Alexandria after organizing a protest against the imprisonment of political activist Mahinour Al-Masry.

ECESR organized a conference in solidarity with political activist and Alexandrian lawyer Masry, who was sentenced by the Alexandria Appeal Court three days ago to two years in jail and fined 50,000 EGP ($7,000) over violating the protest law.

“The EU calls for a speedy and fair inquiry into the circumstances of the incident. Freedoms of expression and peaceful assembly must be safeguarded,” the EU Mission in Egypt said in a statement.

The mission issued another statement Tuesday voicing its concern over Masry’s imprisonment. “The EU is concerned about the sentence of Mahinour Al-Massry for peacefully demonstrating against the protest law that has drawn ample criticism, including from the UN, for not being in line with international standards. We wish a solution will soon be found leading to her release and that of other activists sentenced or on trial on similar grounds,” the statement said.

Masry and other six political activists were detained on December 2, 2013 over protesting in solidarity with Khaled Said, whose brutal death in custody in 2010 sparked the January 25 Revolution.

Masry’s sentence is the second verdict ordered by the Egyptian judiciary over orchestrating illegal protest. Political activists Ahmed Doma, Ahmed Maher, and Mohamed Adel were sentenced three years in jail and fined 50,000 EGP on April 7. The three activists went on a hunger strike.

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