EU deploys short-term elections observers to Egypt
The European Union election assessment team to Egypt - AFP/ Khaled Desouki

CAIRO: The EU Elections Observation Mission (EU EOM) to Egypt deployed 54 short-term observers to different governorates Friday to observe the Egyptian presidential election on Monday and Tuesday, according to an EU EOM press release.

“On election days, short-term observers are the ears and the eyes of the EU EOM across the governorates of Egypt. They report their findings about the election-day process back to the headquarters in Cairo. All observers will follow the voting and counting procedures, as well as tabulation of results in urban and rural areas,” said Deputy Chief Observer Nikolai Vulchanov according to the press release.

The release also said the observers received detailed information about their mission, the polling process, electoral and political environment, human rights, the media and operational issues.

Vulchanov emphasized that observers will not interfere in the electoral process in any way, this includes not giving any assistance to the “election officials and other stakeholders” because these are the “elections of the Egyptian people.”

The EU EOM members will be supported by a delegation of the European Parliament in addition to 51 locally recruited observers from EU member embassies in Egypt. Chief Observer Mario David, a member of the European Parliament from Portugal, is the head of the EU EOM.

The EU EOM will issue a statement of preliminary findings two days after the elections and a final report will be published later on. The final report will include recommendations for improving future elections.

The EU EOM report will not make elections legitimate and will not validate election results, Vulchanov said.

The EU announced it would monitor Egypt’s presidential elections Sunday, after initially stating on Saturday that it would only send observers due to problems with obtaining authorization from Egyptian authorities to use their equipment.

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