Egypt Press Review: May 25

Youm7 press


The prime minister said that Egypt’s new budget is about to be completed, and that the deficit will drop by 40 billion EGP. He added that completing the roadmap and the presidential election is a top priority for the government.


  • 5-year imprisonment for 19 Muslim Brotherhood students over breaking into Al-Azhar
  • Haftar forces detained three Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood members in Derna
  • The accomplished journalist Saad Hagras died Saturday of cancer at 68

Ahram press


Prime Minister Ibrahim Mahlab said that the government is well-prepared for presidential elections. He said the elections’ budget is about 800 million EGP and he expects the voting rates to reach 50 percent of eligible voters.


  •  Minister of Defense Sedki Sobhi: we will deal strongly with any attempts to terrorize voters
  •  Minister of Justice Nayer Osman: there are no political prisoners and we have strict controls on death sentences
  • The world’s biggest containers ship passes from Suez Canal carrying a 200,000 ton cargo

Akhbar press


Secretary General of the High Presidential Election Commission Abdel Aziz Salman said that the commission did not receive any complaints about using schools, mosques, churches or public transportation in electoral publicity.


  • Secretary General of the High Presidential Election Commission: no foreign funds financed Abdel Fatah al-Sisi or Hamdeen Sabahi  
  • High Presidential Election Commission: the new elected president will be sworn into the office in front of the Supreme Constitutional Court on June 5
  • Providing generators to face power cuts during presidential elections

Al-Masry Al-Youm press

Al-Masry Al-Youm

Minister of Agriculture Ayman Abu Hadid said Egypt will use plastic silos for the first time to store wheat. He said this will save 50 percent of storage expenses. He added that if they plastic silos are used all over Egypt, they would save the country 1.8 billion EGP.


  • Half a million policemen will protect 11,113 election committees
  • Voting may be extended for a third day, if voters are too numerous

Al-Shorouq press


Sovereign bodies try to convince President Adly Mansour to run for parliamentary elections to be elected as the head of House of Representatives.

  • Ministry of Health: coronavirus is retreating internationally but there are new cases in Egypt
  • The National Alliance to Support Legitimacy threatens to make big protests on days of presidential elections
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