Coal would harm all living creatures: Doctor’s Syndicate
Environmental Minister Laila Iskander - YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO: Secretary General of Cairo Doctors’ Syndicate Ehab El-Taher said that the use of coal would harm all living creatures, in a Saturday press conference, MENA reported.

Cairo is one of the most 10 polluted countries in the world and pollution rates in it are seven times more than the internationally allowed rate, Taher said, adding that the burning of coal emits toxic substances including lead, arsenic and carbon dioxide.

Taher said Egypt’s status as a signatory to the Kyoto Protocol obliges it to reduce the substances emitted from coal, MENA reported.

Suez Cement Company head Omar Mehanna told Youm7 in April that the use of coal as an alternative energy source is a solution to the energy crisis in Egypt, adding that cement factories have operated to only 50 percent of their capacity during the recent years.

“There is not a better, faster, cheaper alternative energy source than coal,” Professor of Petroleum and Mining at Al-Azhar University Mohamed Reda told The Cairo Post early April.

Environmental Minister Laila Iskander has announced her opposition to the use of coal. “Allowing factories to run on coal would need years and not just six months” Iskandar told Youm7 in mid-March.

Iskandar stressed  also that cement plants which are operating using natural gas do not abide by the imposed environmental criteria, and that with changing the current energy mix, new criteria should be applied to focus on renewable energy.

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  1. kenneth A skeem
    September 4, 2014 at 3:08 pm

    Coal is made from plants The carbon monoxide from it is a plant food necessary for plant growth Arsnic an be poison in large quanities especilly to cancer and other fast growing cells

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