Morsi restoration not discussed in Cairo Declaration: National Conscience Front
Ibrahim Yossri - YOUM7(Archive)

CAIRO: The Cairo Declaration, launched Saturday, aims to “confront military rule to pave the way for restoring democracy,” National Conscience Front (NCF) Chairperson Ambassador Ibrahim Yossri told The Cairo Post Sunday, adding that “the restoration of Mohamed Morsi to power was not discussed” and that the matter would be left to signatories to decide on.

The document comes to unify revolutionary powers against “networks of dictatorship and institutions of corruption,” he continued.

The declaration comes after the so-called Brussels Document, which had called for overthrowing the “military coup.” Both documents called for a boycott of presidential elections, scheduled to be held on Monday and Tuesday.

“The revolutionary powers believe that an attempt is to restore Mubarak’s regime, based on corruption and dictatorship, is taking place in Egypt. The current regime aims to smear its opponents to amplify current division and chaos. This  poses a serious threat against Egypt’s national security,” The declaration read.

“Morsi’s return is a legitimate demand,” Khaled Said, a leading member of the Salafi Front, said, adding that “Morsi is the only person who has the right to decide whether to return to power or not,” Al-Masryoon news website reported.

On the other hand, the April 6 Youth Movement will not sign the declaration, according to Mohamed Kamal, a member of the group, who added that “politicians who sign the statement indicate that they reject the June 30 revolution which ousted the Muslim Brotherhood from power.”

He added in a statement to Veto News Website, “We will not accept the return of the former president … the primary objective of this document is not to restore democracy, but to return the Muslim Brotherhood to the political scene.”

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