Library in Cairo organizes campaign to clean streets
Dustman cleans street in downtown in cairo - YOUM7/Mohamed Nabil

CAIRO: Zawya al-Hamra Library in Cairo will organize a campaign to raise awareness about the importance of clean streets, Youm7 reported Monday.

The campaign is in coordination with Cairo Cleaning and Beautification Agency (CCBA), a number of volunteer artists, and neighborhood residents.

The artists in the campaign will create workshops in the places that will get cleaned during the campaign.

The campaign is schedule for May 28to June 8 and will include a number of seminars to raise awareness for people in the neighborhood about the importance of cleaning their surroundings.

Zawya will also organize a campaign to remove trash from the streets leading to the library and in front of it, with the help of residents and volunteers.

During the campaign, they will distribute brochures to raise awareness and afterwards they will organize a trip to Fustat Park.

The library organized another campaign in May to protect the environment with the Egyptian Ministry of State for Environmental Affairs as well as another workshop called Together For Clean Energy, according to Al-Bawab News.

The workshop included showing a documentary about the importance of trees and plants.

In December 2013 the Ministry of Environment started a national campaign to improve the solid waste management system, The Cairo Post reported in April.

The campaign depends on collecting, transporting and recycling Cairo’s enormous amount of trash.

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