Women comprise over 50% of first day presidential election voters: Maat
women raises egypt's flag in presidential elections - YOUM7/Islam Osama

CAIRO: More than 50 percent of voters who participated in the first day of presidential elections Monday were women, according to Maat for Peace Development and Human Rights, an Egyptian NGO monitoring the elections.

Maat also monitored the average age of voters in random groups across the governorates and said over half of voters are between ages 18-40.

According to Maat, the highest voter turnout started at around noon as employees left work. It reported most voter stations were peaceful, but that some violent incidents were reported in Fayoum, Kirdasa in Giza, Beni Suef and Sharqia.

In regard to polling irregularities, the organization said so far there had been no serious incidents. Posters of presidential candidate Hamdeen Sabbahi were handed out inside a polling station in Port Said, but police forces ended the distribution.

Also, at Abshish School in Menoufia, employees at a polling station failed to direct voters to dip their fingers in ink after casting their ballots to prevent double voting and a judge at the Moski polling station in Kafr el-Sheikh failed to assist the elderly and illiterate in voting.

The statement also noted 30 people were holding melee weapons in Delga in Minya and preventing voters from reaching a polling station, but security forces fired tear gas at the group and arrested some of them.


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