Justice Ministry follows up on citizen complaints during election
the head of the ministry’s operations room Nayer Osman - YOUM7/Kareem Abdul Kareem

CAIRO: The Justice Ministry’s operations room is following up on complaints by citizens during the first day the presidential election.

Most complaints were focused on the slowdown of voting in a number of polling stations due to high voter turnout.

All the judges supervising the presidential election arrived Monday to their polling stations at 8 a.m., the operations room said, adding that it did not receive any complaints regarding delays in the opening of the stations, Youm7 reported.

‏Justice minister and the head of the ministry’s operations room, Nayer Osman, called on citizens to vote and not waste the opportunity to participate in the “democratic marriage” the country is currently witnessing, adding that he rejects the directing of citizens towards particular candidate.

“A high voter turnout can enhance Egypt’s public image in the world’s eyes,” Osman added in a press conference, Youm7 reported.  He said Egyptians were wary of their future and are seeking to choose a new president who would be able to lead the country and achieve the goals of the “January 25 and June 30 Revolutions.”

Assistant minister of justice for court affairs and a member of the operation room, Mahmoud al-Sherif, said “the electoral process is regular in all committees until now and there are no complaints from citizens or judges during the first day of voting.”

In an interview on CBC Extra TV channel on May 5, Abdel Azim al-Ashry, a spokesperson for the Ministry of Justice, said that an operations room was formed to follow up on the presidential election until announcement of results.

The presidential election is taking place on Monday and Tuesday. Voters have only two choices to pick from; leftist politician Hamdeen Sabahi and former Minister of Defense Abdel Fatah al-Sisi.

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