Youth launch Twitter campaign to counter claims they don’t vote
Amr Mostafa - YOUM7 (Arshive)

CAIRO: Young citizens have launched a campaign on Twitter to fight some activists’ claims that most voters are from the older generation and do not represent the Egyptian people.

The campaign uses the Twitter hashtag “Want the Young? Here are the Young” and features photos of young people at polling stations celebrating after voting.

This is in response to social media posts like the ironic picture posted on the April 6 Youth Movement’s Facebook page Monday showing a young singer standing among the elderly in the line before voting. Their comment read, “Amr Mostafa (the singer) is the only young man.”

Several young revolutionary groups believe that the elder generation is in control of the country’s official positions and main institutions, and that the aged population is the one who is going to vote the most.

According to the High Presidential Elections Commission (HPEC), 8 million registered voters are aged between 21-30, and 6 million between 31-40.

“The turnout of the young was much less than the older generation,” Amr Mogheeth, a political analyst and researcher at The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI) said on ONTV Monday evening.

Meanwhile, the April 6 Youth Movement and other likeminded groups are still calling for a boycott, despite media and presidential campaign efforts to encourage them to participate.

The official Facebook page for presidential candidate Hamdeen Sabbahi issued its observation report on the first day of elections, and said “the turnout for the elections was average, and less than average on some occasions; however the youth increased participation towards the end of the day.”

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