Live updates: Day 2 of presidential election
Egyptian woman casts her vote into voting box on the second day of elections – YOUM7/Hossam Atef

CAIRO: The High Presidential Elections Commission (HPEC) announced Monday that Tuesday is a holiday for government workers and extended voting hours to 10 p.m. Here are the live updates:

23:27 For the second day in a row, Muslim Brotherhood supporters clashed with security forces in Sharqia. Youm7 reported injuries.

23:15 U.S. State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki refused to comment on HPEC’s decision to extend voting in the presidential election one more day. She added that the U.S. awaits the end of the elections and the reports of the EU observers.

22:30 Ministry of Health announces two people died and 29 others fell ill inside polling stations in 13 governorates during the second day of the presidential election. The ministry said the two deaths were from natural causes and the illnesses ranged from fainting, dizziness and nausea.

21:45 Head of HPEC judge Abdel Aziz Salman said after the closure of polling stations in the second day of the presidential election, voter turnout reached 37 percent.

21:30 Head of HPEC Judge Abdel Aziz Salman said after discussing two complaints filed by the two presidential candidates the commission decided it will not repeal its decision to extend the vote by one more day.

21:25 Several polling stations in Menoufia experienced high voter turnout minutes before the closure of polling stations. HPEC said earlier that voters in queues at  polling station would be allowed to vote even after 9 p.m.

21:20 Deputy Head of Egyptian National Railways said that second class trains would operate free of charge Wednesday in order to boost voter turnout.

20:45 A blast hit the governorate building of Sharqiya. No casualties have been reported.

20:40 Mahalb said that voter turnout until 5 p.m. exceeded 30 percent.

20:37 Sabbahi’s campaign called on the HPEC to announce the results of the elections 2-3 days after voting ends.

20:33 Coordinator of the Independent Judge Current Ahmed Fadaly said the decision to extend the voting for one more day came after hours of discussion with members of HPEC.

20:31 Sabbahi’s campaign claims Sisi’s campaign held several rallies in Qena, violating electoral silence.

20:30 Legal advisor of Sisi’s campaign filed a legal complaint to the HPEC against extending the election.

20:25 Sabbahi filed an official compliant to the HPEC denouncing its decision to extend the vote by one more day.

20:15 Mahalb announced that the government will provide free train tickets for voters on Wednesday to travel and cast their voting in their designated poll stations.

20:10 Abdel Aziz Salman, the head of HPEC, said the results of the presidential election will be announced before June 5.

19:59 Sabbahi said his electoral campaign pressured him to withdraw from the presidential bid over the HEPC’s decision to extend the vote for one more day.

19:51 A police officer was injured in front of polling station in Egypt’s governorate of Gharbiya. Eyewitnesses said that unidentified assailants on a motor bike shot the officer. He was escorted to a nearby hospital.

19:45 Security forces arrested three members of Al-Nour Party in front of a polling station in Cairo’s southern district of May for breaking the electoral silence and playing loudspeakers with a song in favor of a presidential candidate.

19:42 A bomb squad team defused an explosive found at a tram station in Alexandria.

19:40 Dalia Zyada, head of Ibn Khaldoun Center, said it witnessed electoral campaigning in favor of Sisi in front of a polling station in Cairo’s district of Maadi.

19:35 Security forces reinforced thier presence in Giza’s southern district of Moneib following news of a pro-MB march.

19:30 Spokesperson of State Council Judge Abdel Meguid El Awamy said the HEPC replaced a judge in a polling station in Cairo’s district of Ain Shams. He said that the judge was replaced because he was exhausted.

19:25 HEPC cancelled its decision to extend Tuesday voting by one hour and announced that the polling stations will close at 9 p.m. instead of 10 p.m.

19:20 Sisi met with his electoral campaign and discussed causes behind low voter turnout.

19:15 Nour Party mobilizes citizens to cast their votes in Upper Egypt’s governorate of Minya, while several Salafi leaders in Assiut governorate called on people to boycott the election.

19:10 Voting was disrupted following verbal altercation between a polling station’s supervising judge and the mayor of a village in Qaliyubia governorate.

19:00 Ibrahim Mahlab visited several polling stations in Cairo and Giza to check on voter turnout.

18:50 Polling stations at Giza’s district of Haram witnessed a notable increase in voter turnout coinciding with better weather.

18:45 Several tourism employees in Sinai’s resort of Sharm al-Sheikh held protests demanding to cast their vote without residence restrictions.

18:40 Former Prime Minister Ahmed Shafiq called on Egyptians to go out and participate in the presidential election before polling stations close.

18:35 Heads of political parties headed to the headquarters of Al-Wafd Party to discuss ways to boost voter turnout.

18:30 A judicial source told Al-Hayat TV channel that voter turnout since the start of the presidential election on Monday is estimated at 20, 600,000.

18:28 HPEC decided to extend voting by one more day with polls set to close at 9 p.m. on Wednesday. Mahlab said that Wednesday would be a working day.

18:32 13 MB supporters in Minya and Qena were arrested for inciting people to boycott the elections.

18:30 Operation room of HEPC identified a judge at a polling station in Giza directing voters to vote for Sabbahi.

18:20 Several polling stations in Suez witnessed a significantly low turnout during the second day of the presidential election.

18:10 State-run TV re-broadcasted a televised speech of Egypt’s Grand Mufti calling on Egyptians to participate in the ongoing presidential election.

17:50 Pope Tawadros II, head of Egypt’s Coptic Orthodox Church, called on Egyptians to cast their votes during the second day of the presidential election.

17:45 Voter turnout in several polling stations in Lower Egypt’s governorate of Daqahliya reached 63 percent.

17:35 Head of the Egyptian Industries Federation Mohamed al-Sewedy called on Prime Minister Ibrahim Mahalb to extend voting times by two hours with polls set to close at midnight instead of 10 p.m.

17:25 A woman wearing a Niqab was arrested neara polling station in Cairo’s northern district of Fayoum in possession of Molotov Cocktails.

17:15 Polling stations in Cairo’s districts of Ezbet el-Nakhl witnessed an increase in voter turnout coinciding with improved weather.

16:45 The Ministry of Health announced that 14 people fell ill inside polling stations in 12 governorates during the second day of Egypt’s presidential elections. The ministry said the causes of illness ranged from fainting, dizziness and nausea.

16:25 Voters turnout witnessed a notable increase in polling stations at Cairo’s districts of Al-Zawya al-Hamra and Al-Waily.

16:22Head of HEPC denied the rumors of allocating polling stations for non-local voters.

16:20 Several non-local voters protested in front of Giza governorate demanding the allocation of polling stations where they can cast their ballots.

16:10 Member of HEPC Tarek Shebl told Al-Hayat TV channel that fines would be imposed on people who do not vote without a valid excuse.

16:00 A Judge denied a representative of Sabbahi’s electoral campaign access to a polling station in Giza’s southern district of Haram.

14:42- Head of poll station in Abu Zaabal was excluded after directing people to vote for Sabbahi.

14:39- Dozens of people who live outside their registered district protested outside the HPEC headquarters in Salah Salem Street to be allowed to vote.

14:14- The Ministry of Health reported nine people injured in six governorates on the second day of the election.

14:13- Ministry of Justice operation room: one violation reported until now in opening a poll station in Aswan

14:00- The HPEC denies  veracity of a leaked video that shows a man pre-marking ballots in favor of Sisi.

13:40- Ambassador of the Netherlands visited a poll stations in Sadat City.

13:29- A bomb exploded next to armored vehicle in Rafah, no injuries reported.

13:14- Ministry of Foreign Affairs: initial reports of the international observers say there are no violations that could obstruct the election.

13:12- Citizens in Dahshour, Giza dispersed a pro-Muslim Brotherhood march tried to prevent people from voting.

13:10- Hamdeen Sabbahi campaign representatives in Gamal Adel Nasser school poll station in Dokki tried to report a violation made by Sisi campaign in front of the poll station and security refused.

12:52- Security reopened the international coastal road in Kafr Al-Sheikh after protesters had blocked it.

12:50- The central operations room of the National Council for Human rights confirms 23 reported violations on the second day of the election.

12:44- Sisi campaign: 13 million citizens cast their votes in the first day of the presidential election.

12:34- Mosques in Sharqia governorate using microphones to urge people to go vote.

12:31- Election observers from the Arab League visited Zamalek poll stations to check the elections measures.

12:10- CBC reports Ministry of Interior announces one injured in Heliopolis bomb that had been placed in a trash can.

11:55- A bomb exploded in Heliopolis in front of the Adventist Church, no injuries reported yet.

11:48- Militants opened fire on Fatema Al-Zahraa poll station in Arish.

11:47- Unknown persons riding a motorcycle opened fire in air near to poll station complex in Kafr Al- Sheikh, and ran away.

11:26- Security forces defused an improvised bomb in Matar Tares’s poll station in Fayoum governorate.

11:15- African Union delegation arrived the Abdeen school poll station to observe the election.

11:04- Faten Al-Helw, a well-known private circus owner, cast her vote in Maadi accompanied by a young lion in her car.

10:55- Acting Ambassador of the U.S. Marc J. Sievers visited Al-Tawfeqyia poll stations in Shubra.

10:45- Voters angry in Mashala poll station in Gharbia governorate due to a late judge.

10:43- Head of the Arab league observer mission Ambassador Haiyfaa Abu Gazala starts the second day of the election with a tour of Shubra polling stations.

10:35- Chinook aircraft in Cairo are carrying groups of Special Forces as part of security measures.

10:30- Polling station in Dokki tells The Cairo Post they have seen low turnout so far: out of 7000 expected to vote today, only 70 have shown up, he said.

10:15- Public Transport Company sent free transportation for the elderly and disabled people in number of popular neighborhoods to their polling stations, like Sayeda Zeinab, Al-Maasara and Al-Fostat.

10:11- Unknown persons set fire in a pro-Sisi car in Beni Suef.

10:05- Ibn Khaldoun Center: a pro-Muslim Brotherhood march in Dosouqe, Kafr el-Sheikh tried to prevent people from casting their votes.

9:52- Security source said a state of emergency was announced in the Maadi district after news of  a car carrying “militants” passing by poll stations.

9:44- Security forces in Bahethat Al-Badyia school polling station in Giza forced a citizen to remove a photo of Sisi he was wearing.

9:12- The EU observer commission started its second day of monitoring at the Qasr Al-Dobara school polling station.

8:08- Sabbahi campaign reported a violation of election law by the Al-Nour party violation in Menoufia by directing the people to vote for Sisi.

7:42- High security presence deployed around most of polling stations and important squares nationwide.

7:30- EU monitoring mission chief Mario David : mission to announce its final results two days after the elections conclude.

02:35- Youm7 reported that members of the Hamdeen Sabbahi presidential campaign protested Monday evening in front of the police station in Hadayek al-Qubba over the earlier arrest of two of their colleagues.

01:19- Police forces continue to secure Cairo streets and inspect cars.

01:00- Supporters of presidential candidate Hamdeen Sabbahi launched a campaign on Twitter called “Tuesday is for Hamdeen”.

00:56- An HPEC source said 14.5 million people voted Monday, ONTV reported.

00:33- Clashes erupted between security forces and pro-MB protestors in Sharqia, Youm7 reported. Protestors threw Molotov cocktails, setting fire to a police car. Police responded with tear gas.

00:27- Muslim Brotherhood supporters blocked Faisal Street in Cairo and set fire to tires during a protest. Security forces dispersed the protest and contained the situation, Youm7 reported.

Additional reporting by Amira El-Fiki, Ghada Atef, Anas Habib,Rany Mostafa, Eman Mehanna, Ismail Refaat and Bahgat Abu Deif

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