HPEC to replace four judges at polling stations
General Secretary of the High Presidential Election Commission (HPEC) Abdel Azizi Salman - YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO: General Secretary of the High Presidential Election Commission (HPEC) Abdel Azizi Salman said on Monday that the commission is replacing four judges, two of them for directing voters, for the second day of voting on Tuesday, Youm7 reported.

Salman said they received several complaints from citizens, judges, and representatives of both presidential candidates during the first day of voting in the presidential election.

Some of the complaints came regarding delays in the opening of the stations because some of the judges supervising the election arrived late to their polling stations, Youm7 reported.

Other complaints focused on overcrowding in front of a number of polling stations due to high voter turnout in the last few hours before polls closed. In response, the commission provided a number of reserve judges to assist the heads of the sub-polling stations.

State Council Secretary General Mohamed Zaki Moussa said the operation room of the council did not receive any complaints regarding abuses or violations on the first day of voting.

Salman said the HPEC decided to extend the voting time on Tuesday by one hour, until 10 p.m., noting that each judge can also extend the period of voting further depending on the circumstances at each station and the number of voters at the polls, Shorouk reported.

The election is taking place on Monday and Tuesday, during which Egyptians will choose the next president in a race between leftist politician Hamdeen Sabbahi and former Minister of Defense Abdel Fatah al-Sisi.

Additional reporting by Mahmoud Hussein and Ibrahim Al-Kassem.

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