Legitimacy of upcoming regime threatened by low voter turnout: NCHR
Abdel Ghaffar Shokr - YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO: A state of controversy was raised among experts and politicians over the low voter turnout among the Egyptians supposed to participate in the presidential elections. They intensely called for Egyptians to participate in the voting process to provide legitimacy, according to Youm7.

Leading member of the National Council of Human Rights (NCHF) Abdel-Ghaffar Shokr said not enough Egyptians participated as expected and that the number of voters should reach 25 million to provide legitimacy to the new regime.

He warned in a statement to Youm7 that the low turnout would allow the Muslim Brotherhood to promote that the Egyptians refuse the current process. He called on citizens to participate on the second day of voting, praising Prime Minister Ibrahim Mahlab’s decision to give the second day of elections as a public holiday.

Prime Minister Ibrahim Mahlab decided to provide governmental sector employees the day off on Tuesday to give them a chance to participate in the second day of presidential elections. He praised the high turnout among Egyptians during the first day of elections, adding in an interview with the Egyptian governmental television Monday that they offered a civilized image for their country.

Former PM Mohamed Mohie Al-Din criticized the decision, saying it proves the governmental interference in the electoral process.

“Such decisions should be taken prior the electoral process,” he told The Cairo Post and stressed that the turnout will increase during the second day of elections and the voting percentage will reach 35 percent.

High Presidential Electoral Commission (HPEC) member Tarik Shebl said they will take action against those who do not vote during the current presidential elections. According to the criminal law, people who do not participate in the elections could pay a fine of 500 EGP.

“HPEC decided not to extend the elections for a third day,” Shebl said during a phone call with CBC channel and refused to reveal the percentage of those who voted during the first day of elections.

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