Youth not voting in elections is a lie: Zeyada
Dalia Zeyada - YOUM7/Kareem Abdul Kareem

CAIRO: Ibn Khaldun Center for Development Studies civil society organization created three surveys Monday, all which revealed that “14 percent of registered voters boycotted the elections, most of them Muslim Brotherhood related,” Ibn Khaldoun executive director Dalia Zeyada said on TV program Al-Raees al-Sabea (The Seventh President) on Tahrir channel.

“The rest of the boycotters are living in a continuous revolutionary state so they tend to boycott elections,” she added.

The presidential elections in Egypt started Monday at 9:00 a.m. and many Egyptians from different factions participated. NGOs created surveys Monday to determine the percentage of young voters.

Zeyada said the rumor of Egyptian youth boycotting elections is a “false myth” because Ibn Khaldoun operation room reported great a number of female youth voters as well as an increase of the number of male youth voters after 5:00 p.m.

Egyptian NGO Maat for Peace Development and Human Rights also monitored the average age of voters in random groups across the governorates and reported over half of the voters are between the ages 18-40.

National Council for Human Rights (NCHR) member Shahinda Maklad said that rumors spreading about the youth boycotting elections are a “huge lie.” Many people in cities and villages participated in the voting process and she expects people to participate in larger numbers Tuesday, Maklad told Al-Raees al-Sabea Monday.

“Prime Minister Ibrahim Mahlab announced Monday that the second day of voting will be a public holiday to guarantee people will vote but it will not make a difference: the youth’s participation will,” journalist and former assistant for Minister of Culture Khalid Talima said on his Twitter account.

The Muslim Brotherhood issued a statement Sunday after Mahlab announced a day off to help voter go participate in the elections. The statement claimed that the youths boycotted the elections and urged others to keep boycotting the elections, Youm7 reported Tuesday.

“The number of youth participating in the presidential elections will be much less than those who participated in the constitution referendum,” April 6 Movement coordinator told Vito Monday.

There is no proof that the youth boycotted the elections, Minister of Youth and Sports Khaled Abdel Aziz told Masaa al-Kheir program in a phone call Monday.

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