Delayed opening of polling stations, low turnout on 2nd day of election: NCHR
Egyptian woman casts her vote into voting box on the second day of elections – YOUM7/Hazim Abdel Samad

CAIRO: NGOs monitoring the second day of the presidential election reported continuing violations of election law, including delaying the opening of polling stations on time.

“About 42 violations reported for the delay of opening the polling stations, due to the late arrival of the judges or employees,” said the head of the elections chamber at the National Council for Human Rights Gamal Barakat Tuesday.

Barakat told The Cairo Post that the turnout in a number of polling stations is “low.”

“Many voters did not find their names in the voters’ lists as a number of them did not know the location of their polling stations before they go,” he added.

One representative for the campaign of candidate Hamdeen Sabbahi was prevented from entering a polling station in Qalubiya, according to Barakat. “There were also a number of NGOs observers who were prohibited from entering the polling stations.”

Spotting other violations, there were a number of cars moving around a polling station in Qena governorate playing songs and carrying posters of candidate Abdel Fatah al-Sisi, added Barakat.

“We received a notification of two bombs dismantled in polling station in Giza,” continued Barakat.

Maat for Peace Development and Human Rights, another  Egyptian NGO monitoring the elections said in a Tuesday statement they had received a complaint that a judge expelled a representative of one of the presidential candidates after the representative reported a violation.

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