Military training between Egypt and Bahrain continues
Military training between Egypt and Bahrain - Photo courtesy of military spokesperson official facebook page

CAIRO: Military training between Egypt and Bahrain continues Monday and includes training on counter-terrorism activities, Military Spokesperson Ahmed Ali said Tuesday on his official Facebook page.

The exercise is set to continue for several days and includes training on freeing hostages, facing different forms of aggression, various combat skills and dealing with explosives.

Ali added that the training comes in the framework of military exercises with friendly neighboring  countries, to enhance military cooperation and exchange experiences, in order to reach highest levels of efficiency and combat readiness.

Bahrain News Agency reported Tuesday that the training includes stages of military actions and joint defense, in addition to exercises on practical applications and tactical maneuvers.

They added that the training aims to promote the spirit collaboration to protect the safety and security of the region.

The joint exercises include flight training between the Egyptian Air Force and the Royal Bahraini Air Force with nine countries, several news websites reported April 30.

The flight training is considered one of the most important maneuvers of its kind in the region and aims to test the level of preparation of participant countries including Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates and others.

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