Sabbahi campaign reports their members unlawfully targeted by police
Hamdeen Sabbahi - YOUM7/Amr Diab

CAIRO: Police released 14 members of the campaign for presidential candidate Hamdeen Sabbahi who were arrested during a bus ride home after a meeting at the campaign’s headquarters in Mohandiseen.

“Members were taken by surprise when armed security forces blocked the way in front of the bus and forced the driver to drive to the police station in Amiria,” the campaign stated on Facebook on Tuesday night.

At the station, they were accused of blocking streets, protesting and insulting the Ministry of Interior, the campaign added in their statement, demanding their immediate release.

The campaign accused the police of targeting the campaign members and the campaign earlier published the names of six other members arrested on the same day, mostly inside the polling stations they were monitoring.

According to Sabbahi’s campaign, the members, who were in different governorates, were arrested after expressing their objection to some violations, like a judge leaving the polling station and people promoting rival candidate Abdel Fatah al-Sisi, and for members taking pictures to document violations.

The campaign also published a testimony from one of its members, Mohamed Nassar, who said he was assaulted by six police officers in the city of Toukh in Qalyubia Tuesday.

Nassar claimed that he went to a main polling station to report a violation he had seen in one of the sub-stations after the judge in charge was not cooperative. “They were waiting for me and searched me, and told me ‘prepare for prison, you revolutionary,’” the testimony read.

Nassar added that he was detained in a room for more than an hour and a half, and then six police officers came and beat him, then put him in a police car. Nassar said he thought they were heading to the police station.

“But they dropped me in the street,” Nasser said, adding that they insulted him and used the term “revolutionary” in a pejorative manner.

The campaign published two pictures showing bruises on his legs, and Nassar swore he would file a report to the attorney general Wednesday.

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