Live Updates: Day 3 of presidential election
Egyptian woman casts her vote into voting box - YOUM7/Hossam Atef

CAIRO: The High Presidential Elections Committee (HPEC) announced Tuesday that voting would be extended to Wednesday for non-local voters to return home and vote. The campaigns of both presidential candidates released statements criticizing the decision. Here are the live updates for the third day of the election:

21:04: Many polling stations have started to close their doors in the last day of voting in preparation to count votes.

19:06: Judicial sources: Voter turnout reaches 26,135,000.

18:53: A bomb exploded injuring a child in Helwan.

18:14: 125-year-old lady, who has 133 grandsons, votes in favor of Sisi.

17:30: HPEC: Sabbahi representatives’ pull out of poll stations does not affect the election.

17:25: Ministry of Health: One dead from heart attack and 13 injured in seven governorates.

17:20: The Cabinet to hold its last meeting tonight before announcing the presidential election results.

16:50: Security alert in Kerdasa, Giza in anticipation of Muslim Brotherhood protests.

16:28: Explosives experts succeeded to defuse 3 bombs planted beside poll stations in Ibsheway City in Fayiom.

16:20: Judicial sources: Number of voters rose to 25,086,000 until now.

16:18: Security forces in Menoufia governorate caught a Muslim brotherhood prisoner trying to escape from Wadi al-Natroun                      prison The prisoners had started to scream and shout against the presidential election, as the prisoner attempted to run away.

16:12: Judicial sources: Turnout reached 23,200,000 voters.

16:03: Judicial source: The election cost 1.2 billion EGP ($ 167.828 million

15:50: Tamarod: Voter turnout reached 55 percent in Menoufia.

15:45: COMESA delegation: The atmosphere and environment in Egypt was prepared for the electoral process.

15:40: Security forces intensify their presence in Shubra, Cairo, to prepare for a visit by the minister of defense.

15:40: The first voting estimations country wide as published on Youm7 news website:

Cairo:  3.280.000

Giza:  1.900.000

Alexandria:  1.460.000

Beheira:  1.510.000

Daqahlyia:  1.960.000

Gharbyia:  1.910.000

Monufia:  1.460.000

Sharqia:  1.990.000

Qalyoubyia:  938.000

Damietta:  293.000

Kafr Al-Sheik:  793.145

Faiyom:  501.000

Marsa Matrouh: 71.816

Wadi Gadeed:  48.000

Port Said:  261.300

Ismailyia:  351.000

Suez:  170.000

Red Sea:  99.000

North Sinai: 72.000

South Sinai: 39.000

Beni Suef:  487.000

Asyut:  690.000

Menyia:  852.100

Sohag:  695.000

Qena:  450.000

Luxor:  240.000

Asyut:  350.000

15:35: Menoufia governor: We will achieve the highest percentage of participation in the current election among the different governorates.

15:30: Alexandria’s election commission: We will allow the media channels to follow the counting process.

15:25: Egypt’s Cabinet: High presidential Elections Commission should bear responsibility for the crisis of non-local voters; not  the government.

15: 22: Head of elections commission in Aswan: Sabbahi’s representatives were present at poll stations to resume following the  electoral process.

15:20: Fisherman leader: 1200 fishermen voted in Suez, while others failed to participate due to the crisis of the non-local voters.

15:15: Bar Association: a number of poll stations opened late for the third consecutive day.

15: 10: Security forces prevented an attempt to set a poll station in Kerdasa on fire.

15:05: Ministry of Justice spokesperson: We received over 1,800 complaints since the beginning of the elections. Most of them  are related to non-local voters.

15:00: Building and Development Party: The increasing boycott reflects public refusal of the measures taken by the current authority.

14:42: Members of AU delegation inspect poll stations in Port Said.

14:40: Nour Party: We are assisting voters in Kerdasa for the third day.

14:36: A number of cars using speakers call on people to vote for Sisi in Shebin Al-Kom, Menoufia.

14:33: Security forces raise alert in Arish fearing use of a stolen car in a potential terrorist attack.

14:28 Sisi’s campaign in Sharqia: Sabbahi’s representatives withdrew from poll stations due to the big difference in the votes between the two candidates.

14:26: Security official: the security situation in North Sinai is stable and we have a plan to secure the counting process.

14:23: Amr Moussa meets with EU Ambassadors to discuss the current presidential elections.

14:20: Ministry of Health: Four citizens were injured during the third day of elections.

13:33: Former PM: Any candidate threatening to withdraw from elections violate the rights of the people.

13:30: Prime Minister Ibrahim Mahlab: Egypt witnessed a model elections and we are committed to the neutral approach.

13:27: Ibn Khaldoun Center: Head of a poll station in Tanta informs Sabbahi’s campaign representative withdrew.

13:25 Nader Bakar: We provide 4,000 cars to transfer citizens to the poll stations for free.

13:23: A head of poll station in Cairo: We faced serious challenges that prevented people from participating in the electoral process.

13:20: Sabbahi’s campaign removes its posters and withdrew from the poll stations in Dakahlia.

13:18: Cairo’s Deputy Governor: Turnout in the poll stations in West Cairo’s neighborhoods hit 53 percent of voter turnout.

13:15: Actress rallies people to vote in the current presidential elections in Zamalek Neighborhood, Cairo.

13:13: Al-Azhar University chairperson: Participation in the presidential elections is a national duty that should be performed by all citizens.

13:10: Fouada Watch: Weak turnout among the citizens during the third day of the presidential elections.

13:08: Ibn Khaldoun Center: Sisi’s campaign allocates cars in Minya to transfer the candidate supporters to the poll stations.

13:05: EU delegation inspects the poll stations in Hurghada.

13:03: Local Development Minister: Number of voters will increase after the end of working hours.

13:01: Arab League delegation: We will issue our final report about the electoral process on Thursday.

12:59: Poll stations in Shubra Al-Kheima are almost empty of voters during the third day of presidential elections.

12:57: Citizen attacks a soldier before a poll station in Mansoura.

12:55: Qalyubia Governor: I appreciate efforts exerted by security and military forces to secure the electoral process.

12:52: Director of Cairo Investigations Authority: We monitored a number of violations in the poll stations because of the congestion.

12:50: Chairperson of National Council of Human Rights: International observers have positive impression about the electoral process.

12:48: African Union delegation visits the poll stations in Dokki, Giza amid notable increase in the number of voters.

12:45: anonymous people shot a soldier dead in Rafah.

12:42: Arab Parliament delegation inspects the poll stations in Alexandria.

12:40: Security source: We exert our efforts to secure the elections and we adopt neutral approach from both candidates.

12:37: Sabbahi’s campaign submitted the first appeal against the decision to extend the voting process to a third day.

12:33: Citizens launch marches in Giza to protest against the elections.

12:30: Sabbahi’s representatives in Suez: We decided to withdraw from the poll stations because of elections manipulations.

12:28: Bloodhounds deployed with police at poll stations in the Workers University.

12:25: Behaira governor: Decision to extend the voting process provides opportunity to the citizens to participate in the elections.

12:23: Giza Governorate: We did not monitor any problems during the third day of elections.

12:20: Botrous Ghali: Reports of international observers prove the integrity of the electoral process.

12:18: Cairo Governorate: Voting process reached 45 percent during the first two days of the presidential elections.

12:16: Head of poll station: HPEC decided to extend the elections for the third day to resolve the problem of non-local voters.

12:14: Ibn Khaldoun Center: Mosques in Aswan call for citizens to participate in the elections to contain the Shiite extension.

12:12: Operation room of Qalyobia: 47 percent of those who have the right to vote participated during the first two days of  elections.

12:10: Judges Club: Most complaints we received are malicious

12:07: Security forces arrested Director of Media Committee of Muslim Brotherhood in Suez, accusing them of taking photos for the forces securing the electoral process.

12:05: Judges Club: Electoral process is regular.

12:02: Delegation of Arab League inspects the electoral process in Giza’s poll stations.

12:00: Minister of Irrigation: We provide opportunity for ministry workers to participate in the elections.

11:56: Citizens launched a demonstration in Delga village, Minya, to challenge the voting process.

11:53: Judges Club: Decision to extend the voting process poses serious burden against the supervisors of elections.

11:50: Low turnout among the citizens in Minya during the third day of presidential elections.

11:47: Security forces raised a state of alert at Morsi’s birthplace after a failure attempt to burn the poll stations there.

11:45: Central room of Nour Party: Number of voters increased during the third day of elections.

11:42: Military aircrafts flies over the poll stations in Nasr City.

11:40: Head of poll station in Maadi to the EU delegation: Youth participated intensively in the presidential elections during  the first two days.

11:35: Deputy Chairperson of Salafist Call demands Egyptians to participate in the electoral process.

11:57: Sahel and Sahara delegation: Electoral process in Egypt met the international standard in the most of its phases but candidates supporters did not committ to the electoral silence.

11:32: Dostor Party: Decision to extend the elections for a third day is not necessary.

11:29: Military aircraft flies over polling stations in Qalyubia to secure the electoral process.

11:27: Clashes between security forces and demonstrators at Morsi’s birthplace.

11:25: Judges Club: We monitored the delay of the opening of a number of poll stations in different governorates.

11:23: Health Ministry: Two citizens died, 35 injured during the voting process Tuesday.

11:20: Security forces arrested a member of Sabbahi’s campaign in Sohag after clashing with them.

11:18: Local Development Minister: Participation in the presidential elections reflected the civilization of the Egyptian people.

11:16: Sabbahi’s campaign: Our candidate decided not to take any action leading to international pressure against Egypt.

11:14: Interior Ministry: The security situation is stable during the third day of elections.

11:12: High turnout among the citizens in poll stations in Warraq, Giza.

11:10: Matrouh Governor: We did not monitor any violations during the electoral process since its beginning.

11:07: Sabbahi’s daughter: The idea of a withdrawal serves his interests but he gives priority to the national interests.

11:05: Behaira Operation Room: Number of voters in the governorate during the first two days in the presidential election hit 1.3  million.

11:02: Director General of HPEC: Percentage of voting hit 37 percent during first two days of the electoral process.

11:00: Two judges clashed with security forces in polling stations in Qena and the judges decided to close down the stations.

10:48: Sahel and Sahara Delegation to monitor the elections started a conference to discuss the current electoral process.

10:47: Sabbahi’s Campaign in the Red Sea officially announced its withdrawal from polling stations.

10:45: Ibn Khaldoun Center: Mosques in Ashmon city, Menoufia call for citizens to participate in the presidential elections.

10:43: Judicial sources: 22 million Egyptians voted during first two days of presidential elections.

10:41: Security forces arrested three citizens calling for people to boycott the elections in Menoufia.

10:40: Low voter turnout among citizens in Suez during the third day of elections.

10:39: Security forces arrested a citizen taking photos of the forces securing the poll station in Menoufia.

10:37: Ministry of Justice: HPEC has the right to extend the voting process after 09:00 p.m.

10:35: Nigerian delegation monitoring the elections left Cairo on the Egyptian airlines to Kanu.

10:33: Three women raised Morsi’s photos in Sayeda Aisha Neighborhood, Cairo, calling for citizens to boycott the elections.

10:30: Alexandria’s Governor: Number of voters hit 1.5 percent in Alexadria, according to the governorate operation room.

10:28: Head of poll station: If Sabbahi decided to withdraw from the elections, it would be a political decision.

10:25: Judges Club: Withdrawal of Sabbahi’s representatives from poll stations will not affect the electoral process.

10:22: Ministry of Justice: We did not receive any complaints during the third day of presidential elections.

10:20: 146 poll stations did not yet open in Sharkia Governorate due to the lateness of judges.

10:18: COMESSA delegation: We have not yet witnessed any violations during the electoral process.

10:15: Salafist Call: We formed the only campaign that seriously rallied the people to support Sisi.

10:12: Prime Minister Ibrahim Mahlab: Government does not adopt a biased position towards any of the candidates and we  respect the decision taken by HPEC.

10:10: Security official denies what was published in the newspapers and media channels about finding a bomb in a poll station in Sayeda Zienab.

10:09: Sabbahi’s representatives did not show up in poll stations in Zeitun and Nasr City to implement the decision of their  withdrawal.

10:07: Minister of Telecommunication: I expect notable increase in the number of voters during third day of elections.

10:05: Sabbahi’s daughter: My father did not withdraw from any battle before.

10:00: Anonymous people shot at security forces in front of a polling station in Arish, injuring a soldier.

09:57: Judicial source: HPEC started taking measures against those who boycotted the elections to impose the legal sanctions against them.

09:54: Polling stations in Mataria and Amiria are almost empty of voters during the first hour of voting process on the third day of presidential elections.

09:52: Polling stations in North Sinai opened its doors for voters amid low turnout among the citizens.

09:50: Commander of Third Field Army: Military forces resume securing the presidential elections on the third day.

09:47: Polling stations did not been open in Marsa Allam due to the lateness of judges.

09:45: Nour Party: Anonymous people set fire to the car of party secretary Mohamed Fawzy in Oseem, Giza.

09:42: HPEC: The percentage of voters ranges between 15 to 20 percent in Sohag.

09:40: Polling stations in Kobri Al-Kobba in Cairo and Bragil in Giza have not opened, since the judges did not arrive yet.

09:15: Security forces raised a state of alert in Suez to secure the electoral process in its third day.

09:13: Secretary of Kafr Al-Sheikh Governorate: 42 percent participated in the presidential elections during first two days

09:10: Sabbahi’s campaign withdrew from polling stations in October City and Sheikh Zayed City, Giza.

09:06: HPEC: We will not extend the voting process after 09:00 p.m.

09:03: HPEC: We will not exclude any candidate even in the case of withdrawal.

09:00: Chairperson of Independence Trend Ahmed al-Fadali: HPEC decided to extend the voting process to serve the interests of the country, not the candidates.

08:57: Dostor Party calls Sabbahi to take serious steps to protect his rights

08:56: Military aircrafts fly to secure the Suez Canal during the third day of presidential elections.

08:55: Former Presidential candidate Ahmed Shafiq: I call for those who voted for me in 2012 to participate in the current elections.

08:50: Dozens of people rally before polling stations in Kerdasa minutes before the beginning of the electoral process.

08:30: Students of Sabbahi’s Campaign call for their candidate to withdraw from the electoral process.

08:25: Security forces intensify their presence in the surrounding area of Tahrir Square on the third day of the presidential elections.

08:20: Dostor Party decided to withdraw its representatives from polling stations in a protest against the absence of  transparency.

08:15: Tagammu Party: Extending the elections for a third day harms the interests of the candidates while it benefits the electoral process.

08:10: Security forces intensify their presence in Nahda Square in Giza before the opening of the poll stations for voters.

08:05: Security forces raised a state of alert before the beginning of the third day of presidential elections.

08:01: Security forces tightened measures in Nasr City an hour before the voting process began at 9:00 a.m. on the third extended day for voting.

08:00: High Presidential Election Commission: The percentage of voters reached 37 percent at the end of the second day of elections.

04:35: The April 6 Youth Movement, the Revolutionary Socialists Movement and other political forces will hold a press conference Wednesday at 12 p.m. to declare their stance on the HPEC’s decision to extend the vote by one more day.

03:50: Sabbahi released an official statement on Facebook, in which he denied rumors that he would withdraw from the presidential election, noting that the HPEC holds full responsibility for the integrity of the electoral process.

03:30: Presidential candidate Hamdeen Sabbahi’s campaign decided to pull its representatives from all polling stations across Egypt.

02:40: Police cars were seen cruising the streets of Cairo districts to inspect the polling stations before the start of the third day of the election.

02:10: Sabbahi’s campaign said it will release an official statement and a taped speech from its candidate within a few hours.

01:30: Sabbahi’s campaign stated on Facebook that police released 14 members of the campaign who were arrested after a meeting at the campaign’s headquarters in Mohandiseen.

00:22: HPEC head Abdel Aziz Salman said the commission is neutral and dismisses any accusation from presidential candidates  regarding its decision to extend the vote by one more day.

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