Sabbahi’s campaign pulls out its monitors from all polling stations
Hamdeen Sabbahi - YOUm7/Islam Osama

CAIRO: The campaign for presidential candidate Hamdeen Sabbahi announced early Wednesday its decision to withdraw all its monitors from all polling stations across Egypt, protesting the High Presidential Election Commission (HPEC) expanded the voting to a third day due to the low turnout.

The statement, published on their Facebook page, comes following an emergency meeting held by the campaign members Tuesday night.

The campaign said Sabbahi will address the nation in a video conference in the upcoming hours.

Both campaigns of the two presidential candidates Hamdeen Sabbahi and his rival Abdel Fatah al-Sisi tendered an official memorandum to HPEC Tuesday, expressing their disapproval of extending voting to a third day.

Sabbahi supporters created a hashtag on Twitter “Withdraw Hamdeen,” calling on him to withdraw from the race in protest against HPEC’s extension decision.

Sources inside Sabbahi’s campaign told The Cairo Post that he would not withdraw from the bid and he also denied rumors about mass resignations inside the campaign over HPEC’s decision.


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