Decline in Egyptian immigration in 2013
Ahmed Qura,former head of Al-Watany Bank - YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO: In its annual statistical bulletin, the Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics (CAPMAS) stated there was a 17.5 percent decline in the number of Egyptian immigrants in 2013, according to a press statement.

There were 430 Egyptian immigrants in 2013, compared to 510 immigrants in 2012, the statement said. Canada has received the highest number of immigrants, 38.6 percent.

Of the immigrants, 347 were males and 56 were females. More than half, 56.6 percent, had university degrees, and 21.9 percent were between 30 to 34-years-old.

In the same period in 2013, the number of Egyptians who acquired foreign citizenship declined by 10.4 percent to total 1,704 immigrants, compared to 1,902 in 2012.

Ahmed Qura, economic expert and former head of Al-Watany Bank, told The Cairo Post that people tend to migrate to improve their standards of living or to find job opportunities.

“The decline in the number of immigrants does not mean an improvement in annual economic situations, as the measures for getting immigration licenses may take more than one year,” Qura said.

Qura also said the number of legal Egyptian immigrants is much lower than the number of illegal immigrants, pointing out that receiving official permission and having enough money in the bank are the main reasons for considering illegal immigration.

There is no concrete data about the number of illegal Egyptian immigrants in foreign countries. But, for example, the Libyan ambassador in Cairo, Mohammed Fayez Jibril, said about 200,000 Egyptian workers enter Libya illegally every year, Al-Arabi al-Jadeed reported.

“Last year we issued visas to about 22,000 Egyptian workers and we are working to adjust the positions of the illegal Egyptian workers,” Jibril said.

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