Sahel, Sahara monitors: Egypt’s elections meet int’l standards
A man casts his vote into the voting box on the third day of presedintial elections - YOUM7

CAIRO: The election process in Egypt met the international standard in the most aspects despite some irregularities, Sahel and Sahara mission of monitoring the presidential elections announced at the Foreign Ministry of Foreign Affairs headquarters Wednesday.

“The negative note we monitored is that candidate supporters did not commit to the electoral campaigning silence,” the mission said in a press conference held in.

The delegation affirmed that they did not receive any complaints from any citizens or the representatives of the candidates.

“The citizens were enthusiastic while they were casting their votes in the different poll stations,” the mission added.

As for security measures, the delegation said the poll stations were secured and supervised by judges throughout the governorates.

The delegation of Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) is due to hold a press conference in the Foreign Ministry Wednesday to announce the results of election monitoring over two days of the voting.

The High Presidential Election Commission (HPEC) extended the voting for a third day due to the low turnout in the second presidential elections after January 25 Revolution.

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