7pm News Wrapup May 28


Ultra high voltage lines connecting a south Giza city with eastern Cairo were targeted by a “terrorist attack” at dawn.

Prime Minister Ibrahim Mahlab’s decision to make the second day of the election a day off was not implemented within the economic sector because the loss caused by the day off was “terrifying.”


The election process in Egypt met international standards in most aspects despite some irregularities, Sahel and Sahara mission of monitoring the presidential elections announced.

Legal advisor of Sabbahi’s campaign Hussein Abdel Ghany said the High Presidential Electoral Commission (HPEC) was pressured to extend one extra voting day in the ongoing presidential elections.


The Egyptian Exchange indexes (EGX) dropped sharply Wednesday, hit by investors’ selling spree on the third day of the presidential election, following news about the government’s intention to mull a new tax on stock market profits.

Finance institutions that give microloans for microenterprises intend to increase the maximum limit of micro loans, Al-Mal economic news website announced Monday.

Editors’ pick:

A series of fatwas (religious opinions) surrounded the presidential election marathon between former Minister of Defense Abdel Fatah al-Sisi and leftist candidate Hamdeen Sabbahi.

Going to a poll station to cast one’s voting, to monitor the electoral process or even to work in the administration of the electoral procedures seems normal, yet some people go to earn a living.

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