Mexican delegation leaves Cairo after monitoring presidential election
Cairo International Airport - YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO: The Mexican delegation headed by Gracia Ortiz left Cairo on Wednesday morning heading to Amsterdam after participating in monitoring the presidential election, Youm7 reported.

In the same context, in the next few hours, many missions sent to monitor the election will leave Cairo such as: Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA), Francophone Countries Organization, the African Union mission, and the European Parliament delegation after finishing the monitoring in the Egyptian governorates.

The election process in Egypt met international standard in most aspects despite some irregularities, Sahel and Sahara mission of monitoring the presidential election announced at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs headquarters Wednesday.

“The negative note we monitored is that candidate supporters did not commit to the electoral campaigning silence,” the mission said in a press conference.

Presidential candidate Hamdeen Sabbahi said that he will continue the election race even though the High Presidential Election Commission extended voting for an extra day, but he told his representatives to leave polling stations after they faced insults, Al-Masry Al-Youm reported.

Additional reporting by Basma Mahmoud.

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