Announcement of preliminary voter turnout violates law: NCHR
the National Council for Human Rights observe Presidential Election - YOUM7(Archive)

CAIRO: The announcement of preliminary indications of the number of voters who participated in the presidential election so far through the media is a violation of the law regulating the presidential election, said a Wednesday statement by the National Council for Human Rights.

A few hours ago, a number of media outlets published the first voting estimations country wide across different governorates.

The NCHR’s statement added that the announced indications violate the decision by the High Presidential Election Commission regarding the controls of media coverage of the presidential elections which is stipulated in law 10.

“The law limited the right of journalists and media practitioners in announcing the results after attending the phase of counting the ballots,” read the statement.

It further noted that announcing the final results is “only the responsibility of the HPEC according to the regulations of the presidential election law.”

Additionally, the elections chamber of the NCHR urged media outlets to commit to the law and the HPEC’s decisions not to broadcast any numbers or statements, including indications of the number of voters before the counting phase.

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