We reported violations to officials, received no response: Sabbahi
Hamdeen Sabbahi - YOUM7/Ahmed Ismail

CAIRO: Presidential candidate Hamdeen Sabbahi said his campaign spotted violations, including prevention of their representatives from entering their polling stations “and mass forgery,” adding that “ reports were submitted to the official authorities, but we received no response thus far.”

In a Wednesday recorded video, he added that some representatives were detained and presented before military prosecutors.

He also said he would continue his presidential bid and would not withdraw.

“I heard all opinions who are urging me to withdraw [from the presidential race] and I appreciate their good motives,” said Sabbahi in his word.

He added, “We started on a good road trying to show that Egyptians can choose from a diversity of alternatives and are able to build a powerful democratic current.”

“Although I respect the voices asking me to withdraw; I offer them hope and ask them to understand that withdrawal would not befit us,” Sabbahi said adding that he could not fail his supporters.

In his word, Sabbahi also said that he would not want a withdrawal to benefit the interests of terrorist takfiri thoughts, “because our battle is for the sake of this country and the people in the first place and not parties or currents or groups.”

“We will not withdraw and will not accept forgery. The HPEC and the security agencies bear the responsibility of any [forgery] that may have occrued during the past two days or occurs in the additional day,” said Sabbahi.

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