Both candidates lost one million votes from tourism workers
Elhamy El-Zayat - YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO: The two presidential candidates lost about one million votes from lack of participation in the election by those who work in the tourism sector in the Red Sea and South Sinai governorates, Youm7 reported.

Tourism workers turned away from participation in the presidential election, during three consecutive days, despite provision of buses to transport them to their polling stations in their governorates and offers of paid vacations and meals.

Chairperson of the Egyptian Union for Tourism Chambers Elhamy el-Zayat told Youm7 that tourism chambers and hotels urged workers, who could not register themselves in the polling stations allocated for non-locals, to travel to their governorates after the High Presidential Election Commission refused to allow non-locals to vote outside their governorates.

El-Zayat said he expected workers in tourism to be more careful so that stability in the country can be achieved.

The head of Tourism Companies Chamber Hossam el-Shaer told El-Balad he received reports from polling stations in the Red Sea governorate on Tuesday that buses were provided to transport dozens of thousands of workers in hotels and bazaars to their polling stations. He said the same thing happened in Hurghada, Safaga, Marsa Alam and even Halayeb and Shalateen.

The chamber intensified its efforts during the past days to enable workers in tourism companies, hotels and bazaars in touristic cities to vote in the election, El-Balad reported.

Additional reporting by Mervat Rashad.

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