NCSL statement: ‘Empty polling stations’ means the ‘fall of the coup’
Empty polling station - Youm7/Ahmed Arab

CAIRO: The National Coalition to Support Legitimacy said in a statement released one hour before the closure of polling stations Wednesday that a majority of Egyptians boycotted the presidential election, with only 10 percent of eligible voters casting ballots.

The coalition, which supports the Muslim Brotherhood, added in its statement that the Egyptian people “defeated the coup in a battle of empty polling stations.” The actual number of voters who participated in this week’s election has yet to be verified by official sources.

”An unprecedented boycott” has revealed the failure of the military’s political roadmap that followed its ouster of former President Mohamed Morsi, the coalition added in its statement, titled, “Final statement regarding the success of empty polling stations and the fall of the coup by unprecedented popular consensus.”

The coalition stated also that presidential candidate and former army chief Abdel Fatah al-Sisi and his supporters should admit that “Egypt is against them and Dr. Mohamed Morsi is their president…the president of all Egyptians…and the coup’s leaders have to admit the victory of the will of the people.”

The coalition concluded its statement by saying people should “be ready for what is coming.”

Wednesday was the last day for Egyptians to cast their votes, after the High Presidential Elections Committee (HPEC) granted an extra day for voting in response to a low turnout. Sisi and rival candidate Hamdeen Sabbahi are vying to be the second president since the January 25 Revolution.

The counting of the votes was under way Wednesday night, with initial results in favor of Sisi.

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