Saudi press: Supporting the Syrian people is not foreign interference

The Syrian crisis and a possible U.S.-French military attack topped Arab headlines on Monday after the Arab League held the Syrian regime responsible for using chemical weapons in the suburbs of Damascus last week. The League called on the international community to “punish” Bashar al-Assad’s regime.

Saudi Arabian newspaper Al-Watan stressed the stance of Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Saud al-Faisal, who spoke during the opening session of the Arab League ministerial meeting in Cairo yesterday. Faisal said a U.S. attack against Syria could not be considered “international interference.”

“Any move to support the Syrian people cannot be considered foreign interference as the Assad regime has crossed all red lines and must be deterred,” he said.

“The massacres taking place against the people by Assad’s regime are not a movie: they are a reality about bloodshed,” Al-Watan quoted Faisal as saying at a news conference held before the meeting. “Damascus only wants a military solution, having resorted to internationally forbidden chemical weapons.”

Al-Sharq El-Awsat newspaper focused on the the Palestinian issue, with the Saudi king accepting the launch of a “custodian of the two holy mosques” program to support “steadfastness” in Palestinian cities, giving the project a budget of $200 million.

The program includes supporting Islam in Palestinian cities and municipalities affiliated with the General Secretariat of the Islamic Capitals and Cities, and also the expansion of infrastructure in these cities with the hope of helping them to withstand Israeli settlers in the Palestinian territories.

Al- Hayat newspaper covered the attack against “Camp Ashraf” in Iraq. Iranian opposition group Mujahideen KHALK accused Iraqi forces of killing more than 19 and injuring 16 of its members in Ashraf Camp, north of Diyala province.  Iraqi security officials denied launching any attacks on the camp, home to about one hundred members of the organization, in preparation to transfer them to“Liberty” camp in Baghdad.

Qatari Raya newspaper shed  light on aid offered by Asmakh Foundation in Lebanon. The international media has commended the relief operations provided by the institution on the Lebanese-Syrian border in the Bekaa Valley. Thousands of Syrian refugees were hosted by its relief office since the beginning of the war in Syria.

Translated from Youm7.

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