‘Hamdeen won’ hashtag trends on Twitter
Hamdeen Sabbahi - YOUM7/Ahmad Ismail

CAIRO: Twitter users launched a hashtag for presidential candidate Hamdeen Sabbahi, #حمدين_نجح, which translates into “Hamdeen won” despite the fact that the initial reports showed that Abdel Fatah al-Sisi is the projected winner of the presidential election with an estimated 94 percent of valid votes.

The “Hamdeen won” hashtag reached about 15.1k tweets and has been one of the top trending hashtags on Twitter since Wednesday. Several hashtags for Sabbahi has been trending during the past few days throughout the voting days.

Social media users launched a hashtag which translates to “Hamdeen’s Tuesday” calling for people to go and vote for presidential candidate Hamdeen Sabbahi on Tuesday after the low turnout of Sabbahi’s supporters in polling stations Monday.

One Sabbahi supporter created an event on Facebook called Hamdeen’s Tuesday, which has over 19.1k likes and called on them to participate in the elections Tuesday.

The first day of the presidential elections witnessed a low voter turnout in general but specifically for Sabbahi’s voters.

Sisi won over his rivaling presidential candidate Hamdeen Sabbahi by 92 percent compared with 96 percent in the expat voting, according to statistics issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on May 20.

Twitter users created the “Hamdeen won” hashtag after the initial results showed that Sisi won and the initial results showed that the void votes are more than those who voted to Sabbahi. He attained 3 percent of the votes while Sisi attained 92.91 percent and those voided their votes were 4.08 percent of the votes.

@PetoBarkar: #انسحب_يا_حمدين, Hamdeen withdraws, the High Presidential Election Commission (HPEC) declares that Hamdeen wins and due to his withdrawal, Sisi takes it and wins, I swear this is a happy ending #salute Egypt #Hamdeen won.”

@SouhaiteRr: #حمدين_نجح, hahaha Hamdeen sweeps the elections.

@AhmedMahgoub18: #حمدين_نجح, history will recall that we had two candidates and one of the two ranked third hahaha.

He was referred to the void votes since Sabbahi got less votes than the void votes.

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