16 alleged MB members arrested in Beheira clashes
clashes between Pro-MB and security forces - YOUM7/Emad Abdel Rahman

CAIRO: Violent clashes erupted between Beheira security forces and alleged members of the Muslim Brotherhood in Damanhur during a Thursday march protesting Abdel Fatah al-Sisi‘s landslide win in the presidential election, Youm7 reported.

Beheira investigations officers headed by Maj. Gen. Nabil Abdel Fatah moved in with 20 central security squads and officers arrested 16 alleged MB members. The clashes resulted in one police officer being injured.

In related news, the police officers’ lounge in Kafr Saqr in Sharqia was damaged Thursday after masked men threw Molotov cocktails at it. The assailants saw that the officers were busy and out of the building and tried to set it on fire, Youm7 reported.

This took place a few hours after violent clashes between security forces and alleged MB members in Sharqia in which police arrested dozens of suspects. Some were later released and the rest await prosecution.

Clashes were also started Thursday evening by alleged MB youths in Oudwa, Sharqia, the home village of ousted President Mohamed Morsi. The youths got in a fight with youths from a neighboring village because they voted for Sisi in the presidential election, Youm7 reported.

Additional reporting by Gamal Abul Fadl, Nasser Gouda, Fatheya al-Deeb and Eman Mehanna.   

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