Endowment Min orders removal of slogans on mosque walls
Abaas Shoman - YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO: The Endowment Ministry ordered the removal of all political signs and banners inside mosques, and sent a warning to Ansar al- Sunna group against any attempt to attack Ministries of Al-Azhar or Endowment, Deputy Imam of Al-Azhar Abbas Shouman said in a Saturday statement.

Shouman stressed the need to rename all the mosques which carry the name or title of any group, and urged mosques away from politics.

Furthermore, Shouman urged Ansar al-Sunna group to stop the distribution of any magazines or publications. Shouman’s warning follows the investigation of Sheikh Mahmoud Mohamed Ibrahim Tawfiq for publicizing and promoting a newspaper called “Tawheed.”

The cabinet decided during a meeting under Prime Minister Ibrahim Mahlab May 29 to adopt a bill limiting religious preaching at mosques to Azhar scholars authorized by the Endowments Minister. The bill states that no one may preach at mosques except those who are authorized by the Endowments Ministry and Al-Azhar, MENA reported.

As a part of its effort to give advice, Al-Azhar is preparing to submit a document drafted by the Grand Imam Ahmed al-Tayeb and council of Senior Scholars to guide the new president of his duties towards Egyptian, Youm7 reported Saturday.

‏Egypt’s Grand Mufti Shawky Allam called on Egyptians to unite on the basis of the country’s national interests, stressing that only Egyptian people are able to shape the country’s future, Youm 7 reported Saturday.

“The responsibility of achieving a better future is shared between all Egyptians,” Allam added, calling on all Egyptian to support the next president.

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