MB members plead not guilty in Bani Mazar case
Attorney General Hisham Barakat - YOUM7/Hossam Atef

CAIRO: Attorney General Hisham Barakat decided to dismiss the case of breaking into Bani Mazar prosecution headquarter and Bani Mazar traffic headquarter in August 2013 after the dispersals of the Rabaa and Nahda Square sit-ins, ONA news agency reported on Saturday.

228 defendants were being tried in the case and all of them are MB supporters and members, including the Director of the Administrative Bureau of the MB in Minya Mamdouh Mabrouk, in addition to five leaders of the MB in Minya.

The defendants were not found guilty due to lack of evidence.

Barakat’s decree included letting all those imprisoned pending investigations free, Al-Masry Al-Youm reported Saturday.

Head of North Minya prosecution Judge Abdel Rahim Abdel Malek prepared a warrant to the Attorney General saying that evidence is insufficient for convicting them El-Balad reported on Saturday.

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