Criticism over parliamentary elections law
Egyptian Parliament - YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO: There is rising controversy over the legislation commission of the state council preparing drafts of the parliamentary elections law and political rights law. The draft will be issued to the Cabinet before being issued to the president to be approved, Sky News Arabia reported Sunday.

The law included increasing number of elected members, reaching 600 members. The new law merged the two laws of electing people according to the list system and the single system. This would result in the election of 120 members using the list system and 480 for the single system.

The new law is subject to criticism by many Egyptian political parties because they consider this law to be the “gateway” for Muslim Brotherhood members and former President Hosni Mubarak regime figures to enter the parliament again.

Secretary General of Nour Party Galal Murra said the parliamentary elections law should be issued for societal dialogue before being approved by the president because it is not exclusive for specific people or organizations and it is a public property for Egypt and the society, Youm7 reported Sunday.

Independence Current decided to hold a conference on Monday to announce their stance against the law draft in attendance of heads and representatives of 30 political parties. The current announced in a statement that they condemn some individuals’ plans to allow Brotherhood members to reenter the parliament and that the current needs to discuss the matter with the president.

Nine political parties demanded the president to establish a committee consisting of heads of the active parties in the society according to the former parliamentary elections results. That would include political analysts and representatives of active political powers in the society to discuss the law and finish its work within 10 days.

The nine parties’ representatives predict this law would take Egypt back to the same situation of the 2010 parliamentary elections, which would cause unrest that cannot be endured during such a critical phase in Egypt, Youm7 reported.

The parties include head of Al-Wafd political party, Sayed el-Badawy, head of Egyptian Democratic Societal Party Mohamed Abol Ghar, and head of Nassery Party Mohamed Abo el-Ela, among others.

Head of the National Women’s Council Mervat el-Talawy said on TV that women cannot be considered as minorities and that they should be entitled to take half of the parliamentary seats of the list system (60 seats) because women are “half of the society,” Youm7 reported.

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