Sudan plans to export Nile water to Arab Gulf states: official
A Sudanese farmer from Tuti island where the White Nile and Blue Nile merge - AP

CAIRO: The director of the Water Commission in Khartoum state, Gawdat-alla Osman, disclosed that Sudan plans to export fresh water to Arab Gulf states in the future, depending on water availability from the Nile River to achieve a value-added situation, the Sudan Tribune reported on its website.

A Saudi Arabian study last December proposed the creation of a pilot project to import water from Sudan to replenish groundwater reserves which have been depleted in the Saudi Najran region, in collaboration between the Saudi ministries of agriculture, water and electricity.

The study underscored the importance for Saudi Arabia to look at water as a global and regional problem, and activation of regional and international cooperation to resolve it by importing water in accordance with international agreements.

The imam of the al-Shohada’a mosque in Khartoum, Abdul-Jalil al-Karuri, previously suggested that Sudan export Nile water to Saudi Arabia through a pipeline in return for oil.

In related news, Osman said that the commission pays 1 million Sudanese pounds (SDG), or around $175,438 a month to buy fuel for water supply stations.

He explained that they generate 17 million SDG in revenue of which 4 million SDG goes to electricity.

The official acknowledged their inability to carry out development projects at the moment which is the responsibility of the state.

He pointed out that the number of subscribers in 2013 reached 715,000, and that collecting water bill payments through counters designed for electric bills allowed them to reach those who previously were not paying the water bill.

Osman revealed that they owe 50 million SDG in electric bills and that it has been agreed that the electricity company would deduct 5 percent of the value of water bills that are collected through their outlets and apply it toward

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