Security forces control jailbreak attempt in Port Said
a jail cell -YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO: Port Said security forces controlled a jailbreak attempt in Al-Manakh police station after outraged prisoners set fire to their blankets and belongings, Youm7 reported Tuesday.

Security measures were intensified to contain the situation and Port Said Governor Mohamed al-Sharkawy and his Chief Security went to the station to follow up on the incident.

Some of the prisoners’ family members gathered in front of the station and some prisoners were injured in the fire, Youm7 reported.

According to Al-Bawaba News, the problem began when a fight erupted among prisoners and that their family members said it was related to some “mistaken verdicts that were issued against some of them on Monday morning.”

The prisoners attempted an escape, which caused chaos, and some family members outside were detained by the police as well for a while, Al-Bawaba News further reported.

A forensic team was sent to the prison to determine how flammable materials reached the prison cell as prisoners received first-aid assistance.

Additional reporting by Mahmoud Abdul Meneim.

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