Egypt’s interim President thanks the nation in farewell speech
Egypt's Interim President Adly Mansour - YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO: Egypt’s interim President Adly Mansour gave the nation his farewell speech before giving his position as President to his successor, the elected President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi. Mansour thanked the Egyptian population for their appreciation in his one-year term.

“I came today [Wednesday] to say farewell and keep Egypt in your eyes, our home’s future is bright,” Mansour said.

He expressed his gratitude to the people who thanked him on his term: “I thank every man and every woman for their appreciations and great feelings during my tasks. We will be always one nation. I mourn all the martyrs of January 25 Revolutions and June 30 Uprising and the martyrs of the armed and security forces.”

“Honoring the victims of the military and security forces and giving their relatives the honorable medals were the hardest moments I lived,” Masnour said, with visible tears from his eyes.

The 68-year-old president thanked former Prime Minister Hazem al-Beblawy and the current Ibrahim Mahlab for their efforts amid the hard times Egypt witnessed to achieve domestic stability and clarify the state’s situation internationally.

Masnour assumed the position of Egyptian interim President on July 3 and three days after taking position as head of the Supreme Constitutional Court. He thanked any Egyptian individual who participated to improve the state interests, especially his aides and advisors who helped him to make decisions.

Regarding Coptic Christians, Mansour praised them: “You participated in both the January 25 Revolution and the June 30 Uprising along with your Muslim brothers. The Copts recalled a live photo for Revolution 1919 to the Egyptian’s minds. Terrorism does not differentiate between Muslim and Coptic or between a mosque and a church. Our society needs to renew the religious discourse.”

“Egypt was unprecedented in spreading the Islamic Call and Coptic Egypt is part and parcel of it,” he said. “However, Egypt faces attempts of instability and spreading the religious strife among its people. I called on elected President Sisi to care of Egyptian women and their rights under his term and. Women proved their great and active participation; the upcoming period should see women empowerment in the parliament.”

“ I also gave advised him to develop Sinai, the Western desert, and the areas that suffer disadvantage,” Mansour said.

Mansour noted that Sisi will rule Egypt carefully, asking him to choose his aides very well as they will help him to face any difficult situations internally and internationally.

“I was keen in my term to improve the consultation principle before taking any decisions. I did not accept any interference from anybody inside or outside. I was listening to the all people to get the consultations for the appropriate decisions.”

The armed forces saved Egypt from falling and the June 30 protests revealed the real men and honorable citizens, Mansour continued. “I send our greetings to our neighboring countries, which supported us from the beginning: Salute Saudi Arabia, Emirates, Kuwait, Bahrain, Jordan, and Palestine.”

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