Slums in Cairo and efforts to develop them
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CAIRO:  Unsafe areas are now being developed since there are 17 major slums neighborhoods, Governor of Cairo Galal Mostafa stated Wednesday, according to Youm7.

The neighborhood development will be funded by Slums Fund as well as other projects from development-affiliated bodies, Mostafa said during a tour in Helwan.

The governor explained that the capital is witnessing mobs that have been recently taking over state land.

The slums are a state issue, not just a governmental one, Mostafa told MENA in February and that there should be a continual policy that does not change with governments regarding solving slums problems.

He said there should be a plan to fix slums within five years and that the current phase requires more focus on development in the country side and Upper Egypt.

Mostafa said Cairo needs an estimated 7 billion EGP to develop the poverty-stricken areas and that there are 284,000 citizens living in unsafe housings in the city. Cairo has three kinds of slums but all of them represent 33 percent of all deprived areas in the country.

There is a plan to eliminate slums in Cairo based on providing 42,000 housing units for residents of poverty-stricken areas, Mostafa said in a press statement in May, according to ONA. He said the governorate was in charge and managed 16,000 of those units.

The governorate of Giza’s press statements said it made a list of slum areas that need to be developed soon in the mentioned project.

The United Arab Emirates is financing the development of 11 different slum areas in Giza with 112 million EGP, Youm7 reported in November 2013.

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