Cabinet approves parliament, exercise of political rights after new amendments
Egyptian Parliament - YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO: The government approved two draft laws of the Exercise of Political Rights and the Parliament after it added amendments to the Parliament law, Youm7 reported.

The government sent both draft laws to interim President Adly Mansour to be officially issued, Cabinet spokesperson Hossam el-Qawish said in a press conference Wednesday.

The committee tasked with amending both draft laws issued their final versions last month but the Cabinet added new amendments to the Parliament draft law.

The amendments included cutting taxes to the salaries and bonuses of the parliamentarians after they were exempted in the first amendments issued by the committee, committee tasked with amending both laws of Parliament and the Exercise of Political Rights spokesperson Mohamed Fawzy told Youm7.

Fawzy said the Minister of Solidarity requested cutting taxes off the parliamentarians’ salaries to be allocated for the issues of their widows’ and their divorced wives.

He also noted that the cabinet, in its new amendments, banned dual nationality holders from running for parliamentary elections. He said that a text requires that those who run for parliamentary elections should hold only the Egyptian nationality.

The Cabinet included another amendment that the parliamentarian total payment gets from their work in the Cabinet and if they happens to be an employee in the governmental sector, not to exceed the maximum wage of 42, 000 EGP. The total payment includes salary and bonuses.

The committee tasked with amending both draft laws also entered amendments after the first issuance of the laws, where it reduced the number of seats from 603 to 567, among which 27 to be elected by the next president, Al-Shorouq reported.

There will be 420 seats allocated for the individual system (77.8 percent) and 120 seats allocated for list system (22.2 percent).

Al-Shorouq also reported that Egypt was divided into four constituents to be allocated for list system; two constituents where each of them include 15 seats and another two where each of them includes 45 seats.

Additional reporting by Nour Ali and Hend Mokhtar.

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